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Hourman was aided by Batman in his fight against the Calculator


Miraclo Enhancement: Hourman derives all his super-human abilities from the "miracle vitamin" Miraclo. The active ingredient is a special form of phosphorus, which bonds temporarily with the ATP in muscle cells to create a "Adenosine Quad-Phosphate" which energizes the cells. The energy released gives the subject increased strength, limited invulnerability and heightened stamina for about an hour. After that time, the "AQP" burns itself out, and the waste toxins generated need to be eliminated in the bloodstream over about a 24 hour period.

Taking the drug grants a user several abilities for the span of an hour. Rex and Rick both took Miraclo in pill form, but Rick currently uses a transdermal patch, dispensed directly into his bloodstream through the hourglass amulets embedded in his costume's gauntlets. Miraclo works specifically on the Tylers and may or may not work on others who take it. Once in their biochemistry it interacts with the metagene they possess.

  • Enhanced Agility



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