It's unclear how Richard Vincent got his powers; whether he is a mutant of some sort, or received them artificially. He was already a well-respected paleontologist when he first encountered Ferrian and they became good friends. Richard was hired by the ancient Kherubim to look after his African estate and also be his bodyguard. It was also Ferrian who nicknamed Richard "Vigor", in recognition of his seemingly endless stamina. When Ferrian was recruited into Wildcore, Richard's recruitment naturally followed.

Richard was with Wildcore when they went to stop the breakout at Purgatory Max. Along with most of the rest of the team, he is believed to have died there.


Energy-Metabolism: Vigor possesses seemingly endless reserves of energy - he doesn't need to sleep and he doesn't get tired no matter how arduous the tasks at hand. He does still seem to need air and food though.

  • Energy Beams: He wears a jewel on his forehead through which he can fire a beam of intense energy, capable of slicing through most materials - whether this is a function of the jewel, or something his body can do (perhaps using the jewel to focus the energy) is unclear.
  • Vigor is a close friend of Backlash's mentor Ferrian.