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Richard as he appeared in the comic

Richard White is a reporter of the Daily Planet, married to his fellow Lois Lane; he greets the returning Clark Kent. However, at that time Lois told to Richard that she had never loved Superman in their previous encounter.

Lex Luthor is the first one, doubting about Richard's paternity on Jason (Superman's child allegedly), although Lois quickly insists in behalf of Richard's fatherhood instead.

As Luthor's kryptonite landmass starts growing, Richard rushes to the coordinates of the villain's ship, for rescuing his wife and the child. However, they all end up caught within the kitchen galley, and then Superman gets there, rescuing them. Richard flies his aquaplane off the area, but Lois forces him back for rescuing Superman; Richard brings the hero aboard the plane, removing pieces of shattered kryptonite of his back. Luthor's plans are foiled then, as his continent is tossed to the outer space.

Richard White then accompanies Lois and Jason, visiting the recovering Superman at the hospital. In the end, Richard, Lois, and Jason still are living normally at their home.




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