Rick appeared at a battle arena where Mia Dearden was fighting and forced her to return to the streets, so she could pay what she owed to him acting as a prostitute. Oliver Queen offered to pay the account that Mia was with Rick, but the girl stole Oliver's car instead and offered it to Rick in exchange for her freedom. But Rick wanted more and told her that he did not want to let her go as she was his best employee and required her to reveal Oliver's location. Rick attempted to kidnap Oliver, and Lois Lane appeared on the scene and fought against Rick and his thugs. Mia confronted him but Rick easily overpowered her. When he prepared to kill Lois and Oliver, Clark Kent appeared and defeated him by blasting his machine gun.

Rick also appeared as a subject of Maxwell Lord's, as he was one to have caught a glimpse of The Blur when he tried to kill Lois and Oliver.



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