Rident Oly was a member of a rodent-like humanoid race called the Markians who were well known to be untrustworthy thieves. His family, the Olas, were the exception among their own people, noted to be honest and law-abiding citizens. Notwithstanding, his brother Tukla fell to the same vice that the rest of his race was known for, and ended up ruining his family's reputation, calling himself Pakrat. Rident, who became an intergalactic police officer, was greatly offended and worked to the end of restoring that honor by bringing his brother to justice.

Upon the theft of Scanner One by Martin Champion on which Tukla stowed on board, Rident was given permission by the New Earth government to pursue them. During his journeys, the anti-matter bomb explosion which destroyed a universe also destroyed Rident's ship, causing him to crash-land on a planet with giant antlike creatures. Rident came across his brother Tukla again as he was trying to escape pursuit by the Dark Destroyer's assistant Kargg, stopping Kargg by blowing off one of his arms. Rident joined the Atari Force team on board Scanner One as they journeyed back to the New Earth universe, being convinced of Martin's story about the Dark Destroyer when he saw Morphea locked in a mental struggle with him via an alien implant that was still in Kargg's brain. Upon their return, Rident turned Tukla over to the authorities, then attempted to convince the judge at the trial the Atari Force team was standing before of the truth of Martin's claims, but nobody was listening. Offended that nobody took him seriously, Rident left the proceedings, seemingly satisfied that he at least achieved bringing his brother to justice.


Skilled marksman and police officer.


Laser rifles.