Rik Sunn was a diplomat on the planet Wolfholme until it was destroyed in attack by the Sauroid Empire. With his planet destroyed and his family dead, a guilt wracked Sunn finally did what his family had urged him to do earlier without success, joining the fight against the Sauroids as the leader of a team of misfits of various species called the Sun Devils, who had an uneasy relationship with their employers in the human run Centuari Navy. Sunn found solace in the arms of the woman Anomie Zitar, but she was eventually revealed to be a spy for the Sauroids. Nonetheless, Sunn still led the Sun Devils to a decisive victory by capturing the Sauroid's Star Crusher device, though he sustained serious injuries in the process, including permanently losing the sight in his left eye. The Navy went against Sunn's wishes and used the Star Crusher to destroy the Sauroid homeworld (including millions of innocent slaves) and the Sun Devils broke up; it was implied that a repentant Anomie Zitar stowed away in Sunn's ship when he left the team.
Rik Sunn2

Rik Sunn as a young man

Rik Sunn's Return

Sunn's mission was not yet over, though. The Sauroid Emperor Karvus Khun escaped the destruction of his world. Exactly what happened in the intervening decades is unknown, but an aged and embittered Rik Sunn, abandoned by his surviving teammates who regarded him as an obsessive, pursued Khun through space and time to the late 20th Century and a region of space in which Superman was lost, and eventually caught up with him (Sunn's only companion by now was the woman Sarique, daughter of his former teammate Scyla). Upon confronting Khun (and having already murdered the aged Sauroid's grandson, Kerrt) Sunn was horrified to find his ancient nemesis a feeble, blind wreck, barely able to remember him. Unable to cope with the futility of his lifelong quest for vengeance, Sunn destroyed Khun's ship, apparently killing both Khun and himself, though Superman was able to save Sarique.


  • Superhuman Reflexes: His reflexes are faster than most humans due to having been born on Wolfholme.
  • Enhanced Senses: Sunn's eyesight and hearing are more acute due to being born on Wolfholme.
  • The Sun Devils original reality is unknown but appears to be an alternate future.
  • After being injured in the last battle with the Sauroids, Sunn wore an eyepatch and it was stated that he was permanently blinded in his left eye. The aged version of Sunn seen later, however, wore no patch. Whether he regained his sight or not is unclear.