Rioguay is a small country in South America, bordering Brazil. in the region of the Amazon Jungle.


Rioguay is a small country in South America,[1] bordering Brazil.[2] in the region of the Amazon Jungle.[3][4]

In June of 1942 the US Ambassador to Rioguay was Dan the Dyna-Mite's father,[1] Charles Dunbar.[5] In the same year Arnold "Iron" Munro's father Hugo Danner lived in Rioguay in secrecy.

Its capital seems to also be named Rioguay.[6]

Points of Interest

Maple White Land



  • Rioguay is a fictional country, but its name more than likely refers to the real-world countrys of Paraguay and Uruguay, perhaps with the almagamation of the Spanish word for "river", "río". Unlike either of those countries, Rioguay has territory in the Amazon Jungle.[3][4]
  • In the DC Universe, the Maple White Land described in Arthur Conan Doyle's 1912 work "The Lost World" is located in Rioguay (while it was in Brazil in the original text).

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