Rita Lopez was raised by Hector and Elena Lopez, whom she believed to be her parents. She was really an alien, but she did not learn this until she was an adult. She joined the Young Heroes as Monstergirl with her childhood friend Thunderhead. Over the course of her stay with Young Heroes, Rita attempted to seduce a number of her teammates. For a while, she was mainly romantically involved with her teammate and leader of the group Hard Drive. After he left, Rita assumed more of a leadership role.

Later on, she was confronted by her uncle, who forced her into a life and death fight all aliens of her age went through. She subdued the entity with help from friends and allies. Her uncle went away impressed, because she had used more than just skills to fight him, she had used her friends, battlefield obstacles and resources. She then goes to work for Hard Drive, who became the governor of Connecticut.[1]


  • Transformation: Rita can transform into animals, monsters and humans with no restriction.