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Robert Mason was disinherited by his scientist father and disappeared, but eventually resurfaced as a costumed outlaw called The Jester. Though wanted by the police, when a criminal gang impersonated him in order to steal a secret formula from Professor Mason, the Jester stepped in to defeat them and rescued his father and Madam Fatal, who was also attempting to crack the case. After they both took on the thugs, Madam Fatal let the Jester go, even though he was wanted by the police for his earlier crimes.

Before departing, they shook hands, and Madam Fatal deduced the Jester's true identity by noticing a scar on his hand. She realized it matched the one in a photo, that she saw earlier, in the professor's lab of his missing son — Robert Mason. His father never knew that it was his own son who rescued him from the kidnappers.


  • Debuting in Crack Comics #10, Robert Mason predates Quality Comics' other, better known Jester, Chuck Lane.
  • Robert has a scar on back of his right hand.



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