Robert Queen was one of the closest members of the group along with Dr. Virgil Swann and had one of the Veritas keys. He opposed Lionel Luthor's plan to control the Traveler.

Robert Queen doted on his only son and was the first to present him with a bow and arrow, which Oliver was initially uninterested in. Robert and his wife Laura boarded a plane to meet an influential diplomat, but their plane was sabotaged by Lionel Luthor and crashed, killing the couple on October 14, 1989.

Almost ten years later, his son Oliver was stranded on a remote island after his yacht crew mutinied and left him to die. Curiously, Oliver learned that the island was the same location of his parents' plane crash. He discovered their remains and recovered from the site his parents wedding rings and a note his mother had written to him before the crash.

  • Robert Queen was only seen in a flashback and at one of Olivers photos. The flashback-Robert was played by Jonathan Scarfe.



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