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Wanted is a Robin storyline written by Adam Beechen and illustrated by Freddie E. Williams II. It's published as part of the One Year Later crossover, detailing events in the DC Universe after Infinite Crisis and the missing year. This directly follows th


Wanted is a Robin storyline written by Adam Beechen and illustrated by Freddie E. Williams II. It's published as part of the One Year Later crossover, detailing events in the DC Universe after Infinite Crisis and the missing year. This directly follows the Robin tie-in The Virtual Cell, and leads into Teenage Wasteland.

This storyline was extremely controversial for its treatment of the Cassandra Cain character, following the cancellation of her series and its conclusion in Blood Matters. The change to make her into a villain was written with little regard for her prior characterization, which alienated many long-time Batgirl fans.


Robin is blinded in an alleyway by a mysterious assailant and uses his throwing R's, but when he regains sight Batgirl is dead on the ground in front of him. Robin takes her mask off and reveals that it is Lynx and not Cassandra Cain wearing the suit, but police arrive and he is framed for Batgirl's murder. Simultaneously in Africa, Nyssa Raatko is killed in a car bomb explosion. Tim insists to Alfred and Batman that he be allowed to clear his own name without getting them involved, and begins an investigation into the disappearance of Cassandra Cain. His first task is to examine the evidence, and that means breaking into GCPD Headquarters while every cop in the city is looking for him.[1] Robin sneaks into the precinct and makes it down into the evidence locker before he's caught, although he manages to grab the false Batsuit. He's trapped on the upper floors when an anti-metahuman SWAT team is sent in, but he steals a police uniform and simply walks out the front door not wearing a mask. Lady Shiva drops in to give him information while he's examining the suit in Wayne Manor, and Robin learns that Cassandra is being held hostage.[2] Her captors force him to bring them David Cain, and Robin sneaks into Blackgate Prison to break him out. They're surrounded by the League of Assassins at their meeting place, and Robin tries to fight them until Cassandra steps out as their leader. Cassandra explains that after finding out her father secretly loved a second daughter Annalea, she lost the one thing that kept her sane throughout her abusive childhood and snapped. Having learned that there is no justice in the world, she wants to teach Tim the truths she has learned and rule the League side-by-side. To prove his loyalty he must execute David Cain.[3] Tim refuses to take a life and spins around to fight Cassandra, insisting that she is not well and he will hand her over to the courts. He fights his way through the assassins to reach her and gets around her ability to read moves by flailing wildly and without style. They battle until the facility explodes, allowing Cassandra and David Cain to escape while all of the ninjas are murdered.[4]

Robin gets word that the son of his father's murderer Captain Boomerang, Jr. is looking for him. Having just moved back to Gotham, he also begins studying with a classmate Zoanne Wilkins. His police contact Jamie Harper takes him to GCPD Headquarters when a former henchman of the Joker claims that a nuclear weapon is set to go off in one of his boss' old hideouts. Robin finds this hideout although the bomb has been removed, and when he goes to track it Boomerang finds him and suggests they team up.[5] Boomerang has a list of abandoned hideouts taken from Lex Luthor's Secret Society, and they work their way across the city disabling traps. Robin is also visited by the young telepath Dodge who wants to be mentored, but Robin angrily turns him aside. Eventually Robin and Boomerang find the nuke and disable it, but although they made a good team Robin is still unable to get over his father's death and call Boomerang his friend.[6]


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