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Robin: Year One Vol 1 1

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"Year One": The devious Two-Face is very interested in recent reports that Batman now has a teenage sidekick. Indeed, Bruce Wayne has taken young Dick Grayson under his tutelage as Robin the Boy Wonder!

Quote1 Master Richard carries so much on his young shoulders, the normal troubles associated with adolescence in addition to sharing Master Bruce's crusade. I only wonder if he knows how casually he is throwing away the years of his youth. Quote2
-- Alfred Pennyworth

Appearing in "Year One"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Assistant Principal N. Rooney
  • Claire
  • Jenny Noblesse




Synopsis for "Year One"

The devious Two-Face is very interested in recent reports that Batman now has a teenage sidekick. Indeed, Bruce Wayne has taken young Dick Grayson under his tutelage as Robin the Boy Wonder!

Alfred Pennyworth is unsure if the inclusion of Dick Grayson into Batman's nightly adventures might not end up in a disaster, but the butler cannot deny the positive influence the lighthearted boy has on his master Bruce Wayne. After attending a dinner party for Generalissimo Singh Manh Lee of Rheelasia, Batman and Robin meet Captain James Gordon who informs them about a string of kidnappings taking place in and about Bristol Township. Behind the kidnappings is actually the Mad Hatter who has been enticing teenage girls with free headsets. His hat transmits a broadcast signal to the headsets that enables him to hypnotize his captives. His plan is to sell the captive girls to Generalissimo Singh Manh Lee.

When one of the kidnapped victims turns out to be a girl from Robin's school, the Boy Wonder attempts to solve the case on his own. After school Dick watches how the Mad Hatter kidnaps another girl. Because Bruce is attending another party at night - this time on the yacht of the Generalissimo - Robin decides to stop the villain on his own. With a little support by Alfred, Dick finds out that the Mad Hatter is delivering the girls to the Generalissimo on his yacht. Robin enters the yacht, fights through a horde of goons, rescues the girls and exposes the Mad Hatter's plot. The General uses his diplomatic immunity to get away though. Bruce is at first angry with Dick for going at the Mad Hatter alone, but he still is proud of his accomplishments.


  • Although this series is a "Year One" tale in Robin's career, it takes place during the "Year Three" era of Batman's career.
  • The flashback to Tony Zucco's death is taken directly from Batman: Dark Victory.


  • Assistant Principal Rooney may have been named after Principal Ed Rooney, a character played by Jeffrey Jones in the 1986 film, Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

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