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Robin: Year One Vol 1 2


Robin: Year One Vol 1 2

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"Book Two": Following the Mad Hatter's arrest, Batman and Robin defeat several more would-be supervillains, such as the Cluemaster, Firefly, [[Drur

Quote1 Before it's all over, I wanted you to know... it wasn't me that killed you. It was the Bat. Quote2
-- Two-Face

Appearing in "Book Two"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Judge Lawrence Watkins (Dies)




Synopsis for "Book Two"

Following the Mad Hatter's arrest, Batman and Robin defeat several more would-be supervillains, such as the Cluemaster, Firefly, Killer Moth, and Blockbuster. Robin grows more and more confident with each victory, heedless of Batman's warnings that Gotham's more elite criminals will not be so easily beaten.

True to these warnings, Two-Face soon reemerges and kidnaps Lawrence Watkins, the judge who had permitted and presided over the appeal trial of mobster Vincent Moroni. Since this trial gave Moroni the chance to scar Dent with acid, Two-Face's twisted logic holds Watkins responsible for "murdering" Dent. Revenge on Watkins, however, is only a small part of Two-Face's goal; his main targets are none other than Batman and Robin.

Despite Batman's precautions, the Dynamic Duo are eventually captured by Two-Face as well, and forced into a mock trial. After declaring all the defendants guilty, Two-Face places Batman and Watkins into a custom-built double gallows, and dares Robin to appeal for their lives. A desperate Robin plays along, calling for neither man to hang if Two-Face's next two coin-flips both come up clean. Both flips land in Robin's favor, and Two-Face cuts Watkins free, only to reveal a trapdoor in the gallows that allows him to drown the judge instead.

As Robin reels over Watkins' death, Two-Face savagely beats him with a baseball bat, all while Batman is forced to watch. An enraged Batman breaks his bonds and beats Two-Face and his men unconscious, before rushing the badly-injured Robin back to the Batcave.


  • The central plot of this issue is an updated version of Robin #0, also written by Chuck Dixon, which introduced the long-running grudge between Dick Grayson and Two-Face.


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