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Robin: Year One Vol 1 3


Robin: Year One Vol 1 3

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"Book Three": Captain James Gordon interrogates Two-Face and he learns that Robin might be dead. So Gordon tells his men to look into the hospitals in search of the dead body. But Robin is not dead yet. Afte

Quote1 Dear Bruce... I guess it's time for me to move on. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do if I'm not allowed to help you anymore. Alfred doesn't need to worry about entertaining me and taking care of you, too. You don't want a partner. And you don't need a son. I'm sorry I failed you. I won't forget everything you've given me. Quote2
-- Dick Grayson

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Synopsis for "Book Three"

Captain James Gordon interrogates Two-Face and he learns that Robin might be dead. So Gordon tells his men to look into the hospitals in search of the dead body. But Robin is not dead yet. After some first aid by Alfred Pennyworth he is brought to Dr. Thompkins, a free medic who has the trust of Bruce Wayne. While Robin is taken care of, Batman takes off to talk to Gordon. He assures the Captain that Robin still lives, but will no longer act as Batman's partner. Of course, Dick Grayson is less enthusiastic as he learns of Bruce's decision to retire him.

Over the following days Dick works hard on the rehabilitation of his body. As Dr. Thompkins makes some final test using the equipment of the General Hospital, Mister Freeze enters the building and raids the hospital's blood bank. Dick secretly follows him outside and picks up some clues which might lead to the hide-out of Mister Freeze. While Dick leaves a written message for Bruce, Mister Freeze tries to blackmail the city because in winter the blood reserves tend to diminish quickly.

Dick successfully finds Mister Freeze and is also able to defeat him right before Captain Gordon arrives. Dick confirms that his days as a vigilante are over. And the letter he left at the mansion indicates that he will never come back.

In front of a TV store, Dick watches the news that Two-Face was able to escape the police station. Suddenly, he is surrounded by some teenagers wearing black clothes. They attack him and Dick shows off his martial arts skills. A man who calls himself Shrike comes out of the shadows and invites Dick to become one of his pupils.


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