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Robin Annual Vol 4 2


Robin Annual Vol 4 2

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""Looking Sharp"": Robin begins tracking a group of data-pirates known as the "Psyba-Rats" whom he catches attempting to siphon data off of a Wayne Enterprises communications satellite to sell to a sinister information-broker known only as "The Collector". K

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Synopsis for "Looking Sharp"

Robin begins tracking a group of data-pirates known as the "Psyba-Rats" whom he catches attempting to siphon data off of a Wayne Enterprises communications satellite to sell to a sinister information-broker known only as "The Collector". Knowing that Robin is tracking them, and not wanting any leads to tie back to him, the Collector decides to simply murder the Psyba-Rats. He has one of them, "Megabiter" shot during their next meeting, but the other three, Razorsharp, Hackrat and Channel are all able to run away. The Collector's goons give chase into an old warehouse, where they are all ambushed by the alien Parasite "Venev" who had been feeding in the Gotham City area. Hackrat salvages the bodies of Razorsharp and Channel, the only two still alive after Venev's feeding.
In the Psyba-Rats hideout, while attempting to recover, both Razorsharp and Channel find themselves to have developed Metahuman abilities, presumably based on Venev activating their dormant metagenes. While Channel (still in a coma) is able to transmit his image onto any monitor in his vicinity, and control the images upon it, Razorsharp is able to transform her arms into gigantic microthin blades capable of slicing through almost anything, including solid wall.
The group, led by Razorsharp, attempts to infiltrate the Collector's facilities to take revenge for the death of their friend Megabiter. They are met at the facilities by Robin, who by this time has figured out much of the proceedings, and he decides to aid them in their task, not only to stop the Collector but to prevent Razorsharp and her deadly abilities from killing him. After they make it past security, despite the Collector and his thugs being aware of their entry into the premises and violently attacking them, Razorsharp is at last able to gain a one-on-one confrontation with the large muscular villain. After the Collector kicks Robin out of a window, she instead decides to jump out after him and grab him so she can parachute him to safety, foregoing her revenge. Robin is grateful to her, but Razorsharp remains also grateful to Robin for stopping her from committing murder. Afterwards, Robin is considered an 'honorary Psyba-Rat' if only for the one night, but the two of them part ways.


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