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Robin Vol 4 127

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"Girl Wonder": Stephanie Brown is officially working as Robin. She and Batman keep the streets constantly clean from crime. Working together, they learn about a war between the mafia families Aquista and Galante.

Quote1 Everyone knows the Batman owns a bunch of secret orphanages all over the world -- where he gets his Robins from. Quote2
-- Bernard Dowd

Appearing in "Girl Wonder"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Bloodbath, Inc. (First appearance)
    • Duane (Single appearance)
  • Scarab
  • Tiger Moth (First appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Becky McConnell (Single appearance)
  • Byron (Single appearance)
  • Charlie McConnell (Single appearance)
  • Tyrone (First appearance)




Synopsis for "Girl Wonder"

Stephanie Brown is officially working as Robin. She and Batman keep the streets constantly clean from crime. Working together, they learn about a war between the mafia families Aquista and Galante.

Meanwhile, Tim Drake tries to contact Stephanie, but he's unable to locate her.

At that moment, Scarab reports that she has already eliminated the eight Robin candidate and his family as well. She is not stopping until she finds the real Robin now that word on the street is that Robin is back in action.

Another night, Batman and Robin fight against a villain under the name of Tiger Moth. They are unable to land a hit on her and Robin finally captures her by sheer luck and a dumb accident, while Batman rescues the kidnapped kids Moth had taken.

Back in the Batcave, Batman analyzes Tiger Moth's suit and discovers a secret device that disrupted their coordination, making them fail all their attacks. Batman deduces that Moth was part of the mafia war.

At school, Tim prevents a bully from hurting a nerd, much to Darla Aquista's pleasure. Bernard Down joins them and shows them the newspaper headlines about a female Robin. Bernard explains his theories about a mysterious orphanage owned by Batman, where he gets his Robins, but Tim suspects the truth about the situation.

Stephanie is training in the Batcave under Oracle's supervision until the telephone rings and Stephanie answers, thinking it would be Batman. However, from the other side comes Tim's voice and they finally decide that they need to talk about the situation.

Batman is on his way to the Batcave, knowing what just happened and he calls Cassie and tells her to do something special.

Batman arrives at the Batcave just before Stephanie could go out as Robin and prevents her from going anywhere without him. Batman explains that they must look for the serial killer who has been murdering young men between 14 and 18 years old and their respective families. After showing pictures of the victims, Stephanie realizes that they are all similar looking to Tim and they deduce that the killer is going after the previous Robin.

Meanwhile, Tim waits for Stephanie on his rooftop, but instead, Batgirl shows up with the purpose of talking to Tim and keep him company.

Scarab is on her way to the ninth victim's place and she is surprised by Batman and Robin, who are already inside the home, waiting for her.



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