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"Faster, Faster!": King Snake and General Tvorakovich have a rather fierce discussion regarding a failed weapons deal. King Snake suggests another delivery and "convinces" the General to pay him accordingly.

Appearing in "Faster, Faster!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Vingh
  • Lady Shiva
  • General Dava Tvorakovich (First appearance)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Faster, Faster!"

King Snake and General Tvorakovich have a rather fierce discussion regarding a failed weapons deal. King Snake suggests another delivery and "convinces" the General to pay him accordingly.

In the dojo of the Master of the Iron Hand, Robin is sparring with Dava Sborsc and she actually gets the better of him. Dava tells Tim that she seeks to learn every single strike technique existing and after finishing the "Whispering Hand" of the Iron Master only the "Leopard Blow" is left. Tim knows all too well that only Lady Shiva could teach Dava that move.

The next day Dava masters the "Whispering Hand" and, thus, wants to travel back to her home country Transbelvia immediately to continue the fight against General Tvorakovich and his troops. Robin does not understand how Dava's involvement could make any difference in such a war.

Later, the dojo is visited by Lady Shiva. She was hired to find a killer and is looking for master of single-blow techniques. But she is not welcome here because she already had killed the brother of the Iron Master. While Robin wants to find a way to warn Dava, Lady Shiva battles the Iron Master who actually has no legs. Of course, Lady Shiva defeats him, but Robin has already left to find Dava.

In Gotham City, Jack Drake visits Wayne Manor to talk with Bruce Wayne about his missing son. There is nothing Bruce can do about that at the moment, but he realizes what a burden his sidekick has to carry to hide his secret identity from his father. As Batman is patrolling the city later at night, he is confronted by Spoiler who also wants to know what happened to Robin. Of course, she gets no satisfying answer from Batman.

After arriving in Transbelvia, Tim finds Dava rather quickly and tells her about Lady Shiva looking for her. But Dava only cares about revenge against General Tvorakovich. Although Robin still does not understand her intentions, he wants to accompany her. But will he be able to just watch her kill the General?


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