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Robin Vol 4 54

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"Aftershock: Repercussions": Tim Drake goes to Ari's neighborhood looking for her, but he found that the whole borough has been evacuated to the high school gym as a result of the earthquake and the National Guard has

Quote1 Face it, Boy Wonder. You got a bad case of the Stephs. Quote2
-- Stephanie Brown

Appearing in "Aftershock: Repercussions"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Glen (Single appearance)
  • Smithers (Single appearance)




Synopsis for "Aftershock: Repercussions"

Tim Drake goes to Ari's neighborhood looking for her, but he found that the whole borough has been evacuated to the high school gym as a result of the earthquake and the National Guard has arrived to watch over the place. Tim returned home and found some men outside his house. The men were supposed to repairmen and Jack Drake has hired them to repair their house. Mr. Drake has paid in advance and the men left telling them that they would come the next day to start working. Tim knew that his father has been scammed but he didn't tell.

At night, Tim went to the high school dressed as Robin to check upon Ariana. When he Arrived, he spyied in her and felt relieved to see her after such a long time. Robin was distracted when he heard Stephanie's nearby. Robin used a Batarang to attract Stephanie's attention and later they met on the outside. Stephanie was glad to see Robin and she asked him if he could go to her house and pick her Spoiler costume before any looters find out. Robin agreed reluctantly as he was aware of the presence of the Army in that place.

Robin managed to sneak from the soldiers guarding the outside and entered the Brown's house. Robin found that it has been looted already but he hoped that the looters didn't take the costume. When he entered Stephanie's bedroom, he was caught by surprise by Arthur Brown, the Cluemaster. Brown was armed with a gun and has taken Spoiler's costume. He told Robin that he had looted the place looking for a stash of money he had hidden in the house. Some soldiers entered the house as they noticed the lights of the house and Brown shoot at them. The soldiers answered with fire and forced Brown and Robin to head to the outside. They landed on a budget pool and struggled for the costume. When the pool broke, the soldiers discovered their location and shoot them. Brown looked for cover while Robin took the costume and ran away from the place. After some time, he reached the Redbird and before he could go anywhere, he spotted the men that tricked his father and their truck. Robin took their money while they sleep he flattened their wheels.

Robin returned to the high school and told Stephanie that he have the costume, but he wouldn't handle it to her in that moment. Robin then went to take a last look to Ariana and then he headed home.

The next morning, he returned some of the money to his father and told him that it was a refund from the repairmen. He sent the rest of the money to a quake relief fund. when Tim stepped outside his home, he found that Ariana was waiting for him and both of them went for a ride in the Redbird without noticing the Spoiler costume in the backseat.



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This issue is a part of the Cataclysm crossover that swept through all Batman Family Titles during 1998. Gotham City was almost completely destroyed by a massive earthquake. This story led into the events that would eventually create No Man's Land.