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Robin Vol 4 86


Robin Vol 4 86

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"Officer Down, Part Two: Behind the Lines": Barbara Gordon has heard the news of her father's shooting over the police radio, but must pretend she is unaware of it until representatives from the police department come to tell her. An ambul

Quote1 Take's a mask to catch a mask, usually. Besides, he's about the best detective I've met... Quote2
-- Vincent Del Arrazio

Appearing in "Officer Down, Part Two: Behind the Lines"

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Synopsis for "Officer Down, Part Two: Behind the Lines"

Barbara Gordon has heard the news of her father's shooting over the police radio, but must pretend she is unaware of it until representatives from the police department come to tell her. An ambulance is summoned for Commissioner Gordon while the police attempt to corner Catwoman, their top suspect in the shooting - unknown to them, Catwoman witnesses the real culprit hiding the weapon. While Barbara and Montoya comfort one another at the hospital, the acting Commissioner, Mike Akins, attempts to summon Batman, but gets no response. Meanwhile, Gotham's costumed protectors answer to Oracle's call and learn what happened, but Batman learned it a bit earlier and he takes the news particularly hard. Barbara is crushed with her father's condition and when she summons the Batman Family, the first person she asks to see is Dick Grayson; who gets just in time to comfort her. Dick was with Batman earlier, but after hearing the news, Batman went berserk and tried to kill the robbers they were stopping and when Nightwing tried to talk sense into him, Batman punched him in the face and broke his upper lip.

There is inevitably a media circus around the event, but the real work must be done by the police department - it does not take Detectives Montoya and Allen long to realize that Catwoman couldn't possibly have been the one who shot the Commissioner.

Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl and Azrael were at the hospital with Barbara, but she is missing Batman. However, when Batgirl points at James Gordon's room, where he was resting after a long operation, Barbara turns around and finds the Dark Knight standing next to her father.


  • This is the second part of the storyline Batman: Officer Down and it takes place after Batman #587. Officer Down continues in Birds of Prey #27.
  • Renée Montoya appears in Batgirl #12 between pages of this issue.
  • Although this is an issue of Robin, he barely appears in the story (5 panels) and takes no active part in events at all.


  • Michael Akins is appointed acting Commissioner and Mackenzie Bock is appointed acting Chief of Police by Mayor Dickerson behind the scenes in this issue.

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