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Robin Vol 4 9


Robin Vol 4 9

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"The Triumph": Robin tentatively returns to the Batcave, not sure what he'll find there. He is relieved to discover Bruce Wayne there after Jean-Paul has left for good. Bruce tells Robin that he plans

Quote1 The job's still yours if you want it. Quote2
-- Batman (Bruce Wayne)

Appearing in "The Triumph"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Robbers (Single appearance)
    • Digger
    • Slick
    • Leon

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "The Triumph"

Robin tentatively returns to the Batcave, not sure what he'll find there. He is relieved to discover Bruce Wayne there after Jean-Paul has left for good. Bruce tells Robin that he plans to make a few changes, but he leaves before making it clear what changes he would make.

Tim returns home, hoping to catch some sleep, but as soon as he goes to bed, he is called by his father as they are going to buy a new family car. After they settle for a van that would help Jack take his wheelchair, the Drakes return home and Tim tries to sleep a little bit, when Ariana call him over the phone and arranges a meeting.

Going on the new van, Tim and Ari get to talk after a long time and she decides to tell Tim the truth about her mistake with one of their classmates, but Tim can't help it and falls asleep in the middle of her heartfelt confession. Tim is only awoken by the slamming of the van's door as Ari had left in anger.

Tim gets home late and all he wants is to sleep the night. Unfortunately, the Bat-Signal shines in the sky and Tim goes into action as Robin. When he doesn't find Bruce in the Batcave, he takes the Redbird and goes to the Gotham Museum of Antiquities, where the Gotham City Police Department have surrounded the building in order to capture the thugs inside.

Robin sneaks into the building unnoticed and he comes across one of the thugs. Taking the man down, Tim learns the location of the rest of criminals and he goes to the place to keep a close eye on them. Robin is only waiting for Batman to make his move, but in the meantime, he falls asleep and misses Batman's first move. When he wakes up, Robin watches as Batman takes down most of the thugs and he jumps into action, saving Batman from an sneaky attack. After capturing the thugs, Batman tells Robin that he can keep the job if he so desires and the Dynamic Duo move out of the place, allowing the police to do their work.

When the police learn that the place has been cleared, Commissioner Gordon is glad to have repaired the Bat-Signal, but he is still unsure about the future with Batman.



  • This issue features the las appearance of the batcave in the classic orange/brownish color.

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