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In 2065, Automan, the Automatic man was created by Professor Miller Sterling as the first independent-thinking automation. At RobotTech he were fed a wealth of information via intricate teaching computers. Though he had a successful career as a robot-for-hire, he became the bodyguard for Sterling's daughter, Stella Sterling.

In 2092, he encountered the intergalactic detective, Star Hawkins, and his faithful robot-secretary, Ilda.[1] It was during this adventure where the two robots worked together, and also fell in love. The two became life-mates and now consider themselves married.

They currently teach at Hawkins-Sterling Academy of Robot-Detection, a place where robots can learn how to be detectives.


  • Robotic Physiology: As an android a Robot #32198 possesses a variety of superhuman attributes.


  • Computer Operation: Robot #32198 can communicate and interact with other computer systems.
  • Mimicry: Robot #32198 is capable of replicating and mimicking the voices of other people enabling him to impersonate them and even create his own.


  • Fail-Safe: Robot #32198 has a fail safe switch, and if struck there with enough force he will shut down.
  • Reprogramming: Robot #32198 is susceptible to being mechanically reprogrammed as well as controlled.
  • Automan's body is composed of Manganese from a meteorite.[citation needed]



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