Rocky was a bully trucker who frequented a roadside diner that Clark Kent and Lois Lane had pulled over to eat at in Superman II following the loss of Clark's powers as Superman. Rocky sat next to Lois Lane at the counter and tried to make advances at her while Clark was in the bathroom. Clark tried to excuse Rocky from his seat when he came out, but Rocky refused to budge. Then Clark asked Rocky if he would "step outside" so they can deal with this man-to-man, and he accepted, allowing Clark to go out first, but only for Rocky to push him through the door from behind. Clark experienced the shedding of his own blood, but refused to let Rocky get the upper hand. As he approached Rocky sitting in the seat again, Rocky belted him one in the stomach. Lois Lane attacked Rocky from behind, and the counter staff pulled Lois off him and protected her from Rocky. He decided that it wasn't worth eating at the restaurant and soon left.

Near the end of the movie, Rocky was eating at the diner, complaining about the low-quality of the food when Clark met him again, saying that he's sitting in Clark's seat. Rocky invited Clark to remove him from his seat, but as Rocky stood up to slug Clark in the stomach, he hurt his hand, not knowing that Clark had his powers as Superman restored. Clark gave Rocky a high-speed spin on the stool and then sent him flying across the counter into a pinball machine, knocked out cold.

  • Rocky was played by Pepper Martin in the movie Superman II.



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