Roger Nixon originally came to Smallville in a botched attempt to blackmail Lex Luthor. He ended up working for Lex investigating some information about the car crash and Clark Kent, and also giving Lex good press in the Inquisitor. He was able to report to Lex that he did indeed hit Clark with his car that day on the bridge, but Lex chose not pursue it after he saw Clark in hospital for bruised ribs when Clark's powers were briefly transferred to Eric. Nixon also discovered that it was Lionel Luthor behind the entire Harry Hardwick scam. He took Lex to meet Eddie Cole, who told a story about seeing a spaceship land in Miller's Field the day of the meteor shower. Lex pretended to be unimpressed with the story, but he sent a team led by Dr. Hamilton to excavate Miller's Field, where they discovered the key. Under unrevealed circumstances, Nixon spied Clark doing several remarkable things and set into motion a plan to expose him to the world. First, he blew up a truck with Clark inside, to document his powers on video. He continued spying on Martha and Jonathan Kent and learned the location of the key and the spaceship. While Clark departed for the Spring Formal with Chloe Sullivan, he broke into the Kents' storm cellar and activated the ship before he was discovered and chased out into a tornado storm by Jonathan Kent, saying that he would tell the world about Clark's origins.

During the subsequent confrontation, he and Jonathan were trapped in an old crypt when the tornado dropped a house on them, forcing them to work together to try and escape. Despite Jonathan saving Nixon's life, the two subsequently argued about Nixon's actions, Nixon calling Jonathan a 'small-town hick' whose son's destiny was too great for him to accept and that people had a right to know they weren't alone in the universe, while Jonathan countered that he and his wife loved Clark, and he had a right to live his own life regardless of his origins. Forcing Nixon to surrender the tape in exchange for helping him to escape, Jonathan managed to find a location where they could tunnel out, simultaneously unintentionally uncovering meteor fragments in the process. Clark eventually tracked Jonathan and Nixon down, but in the process unintentionally revealed his weakness to the meteor rocks, prompting Nixon to attempt to kidnap Clark and use him as evidence. As he attempted to kill Jonathan with an iron bar, Nixon was shot in the back by Lex Luthor. Lex later covered up Roger's death by stating that Nixon had killed himself.




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