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Roman Sionis, better known as the Black Mask, is a successful mob boss in Gotham City, making him an enemy of Batman.

Several years ago, Black Mask picked a fight with Catwoman, believing that she lived by the same "no killing" rule as Batman. However, after ticking her off a little too much, Catwoman snapped and shot him. Thought to be dead, Sionis managed to survive his injury and stagger to Arkham Asylum, willingly turning himself in and begging to be treated. [1]

A couple years later, Sionis is still mentally unstable and considered a baffling case by Doctor Arkham. Sionis had attempted a hunger strike to try and regain his mask, but to no avail. On the Night of the Owls, Dr. Arkham and Sionis talk, with the patient trying to negotiate his escape, mentioning that the doctor has "tried on" the black mask as well. During their conversation though, an assassin for the Court of Owls known as the Talon attempts to kill Dr. Arkham. Batman arrives and helps fend off the intruder. In an attempt to protect himself, Arkham returns Sionis' mask to him, commanding him to mind control the other inmates into attacking the invaders and to keep anyone from entering his safe room. After Batman finishes with the Talons, he discovers Black Mask, out of his cell, and quickly knocks him out before he can escape.


  • Mind Control: With his mask, Black Mask has some psychosis link to people's minds. He can actually control them with a certain amount of effort.



  • Mental Illness: Roman Sionis has gone insane with his power. He considers the mask to be a separate being that he is addicted to letting free.


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