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Romy initially trained to become an FBI agent but as a cadet, she ultimately left the bureau due to the large amounts of paperwork required. She shifted her focus to local law enforcement. Romy's test scores, athletic skills and her hand-to-hand combat as a black belt [1] got her a detective position within the Major Crimes Unit at the Gotham City Police Department. Romy was partnered with Nate Patton on the second shift for a long time.

Some of the officers thought that Chandler had a crush on Patton but it was really Patton that was infatuated with Chandler. Following Patton's death, Romy started working with Detective Takahata while harboring hatred for the Batman because she blames Batman for Patton's death as well as the Joker's prolonged existence. Romy now works as a liaison between the GCPD and the FBI.[2] Romy is romantically involved Marcus Driver [3] and the only person aware of their relationship is Stacy, a civilian aide.


  • Romy Chandler's name is inspired by Raymond Chandler, American crime writer and creator of PI Philip Marlowe.



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