Roscoe Chiara was once an artist who was commissioned to paint Winsor Munsell, an art lover and head of a chemical corporation. His company had created new pigments for painting, and Chiara was asked to use these to paint Munsell. However, Chiara did not know that the paints were untested, and began to have headaches. The final night of painting, Chiara fell asleep, and awoke to a colorless sunrise. Roscoe Chiara had become color-blind as a result of the pigments.

In revenge, he became the Black and White Bandit and began a campaign against Munsell, stealing various pieces of art from his collection and museum. Batman, however, soon interfered, and after two encounters, defeated the Black and White Bandit with only a false advertisement and a punch to the nose. He is presumably reformed or still in jail.


The Bandit has a knack for disguise, first as a blind man and then as a nun. He also has a zebra for escaping various situations.

Chiaro has access to chlorine gas and gas masks. The first time he encountered Batman, he sprayed him with black ink, easily making his getaway.




gas masks


pet zebra


chlorine gas

enemy of Batman

His name is a play on the shading technique chiaroscuro.



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