Roscoe Dillon was born a normal boy in the late 20th Century. However, his life changed when he was struck by lightning at the age of 5. Gaining the power to turn himself into a living tornado, Roscoe was bounced from orphanage to orphanage, seen as a burden for being unable to control his powers.

Though he took medications to control his powers, in 1982, the medicine one day stopped working, causing Roscoe to fly off the handle and destroy the town of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, over the course of 3 days. Roscoe was contacted by the time travelling speedster Eobard Thawne, who promised to train him with his powers if he'd come into the future and help him fight the speedster known as the Flash. Roscoe agreed, not realizing that Thawne was the one who had stolen his medicine, causing him to think it wasn't working in the first place. [1]

DC Rebirth

The death of Darkseid caused a multiversal ripple, and ten years previously stolen from the timeline came back. Roscoe's past was altered and his death was undone. He is no longer born in the future, and like his previous incarnation, he was born in the present and became a member of the Rogues.



  • Power Instability: Roscoe's powers used to be controlled by taking medications. However, Eobard Thawne secretly got Roscoe off his meds before recruiting him through time to fight the Flash. [2]



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