Rose D'Angelo is a young woman who runs away from home due to the embarrassment of turning down an engagement ring from a wealthy man she does not even love. Her family was hoping Rose could provide for them once she married him. She flees to Metropolis where she signs on as an employee of Booster Gold's superhero-themed Planet Krypton restaurant where she is assigned the role and costume of Supergirl and works as a waitress. She has few friends among her fellow employees who see her as a "cold fish" or simply don't give her any common courtesy, as with the case of the waiter dressed as Captain Marvel. She manages to stay inside the restaurant after closing time, where she finds herself visited by "ghosts" of various superheroes, a number of whom she has never seen or heard of. The "ghosts" do not threaten her in any way and mainly go about as if Rose wasn't even there. Rose feels comfortable enough with them to share her life story. However, one day she overhears her boss talking to someone over the phone about a possible break-in into the restaurant, which makes Rose feel like she is a suspect.

She waits in the restaurant at night and sees Batman appear in the flesh to investigate what Booster Gold has called him for, and notices that the inventory of items involving superhero paraphenalia has increased. Batman finds Rose and starts questioning her about her being in the restaurant when he also sees the "ghosts", including one of a heroine that he somehow remembers. Batman suggests that these "ghosts" may actually be "echoes" of other realities, since he claims it's impossible for him to know the heroine that he saw. Among the ghosts, Batman notices four of them that wear a special wristband, and so captures the four to interrogate them. Before he gets any answers from them, they vanish, and Batman gets a call from Superman to bring Wonder Woman with him. Batman tells Rose to go home before he departs, and for a brief moment before Rose leaves the restaurant to return home to her family, she sees a "ghost" of herself wearing the engagement ring but still serving as a waitress at Planet Krypton, making her realize that her choice not to marry the man was a good one.