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Rose Wilson is the daughter of President Slade Wilson on the Earth universe inhabited by the Crime Syndicate. She once admired her father as a brave war hero, but since he gave in to the demands of the Crime Syndicate, she started seeing him as a coward and became brazenly outspoken in public against her father's policies regarding the Crime Syndicate, making her a prime target with the group. When the Justice League from another parallel Earth came to help put an end to the Crime Syndicate's reign of terror, Rose and J'onn J'onnz fell in love with each other, with J'onn protecting her from an assassination attempt by Crime Syndicate member Archer. Rose begged J'onn to stay with her when the Crime Syndicate was finally brought to justice, but J'onn couldn't leave the Earth he was from that he made his new home and so was given a goodbye kiss from her.


Some level of telepathy which she shares with J'onn J'onnz.

  • This is the good counterpart of Rose Wilson (otherwise known as the Ravager)



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