Rosemary Fields is a child from North Yorkshire. Through her psionic powers, she manifested her friend, Boggart.

Harry and Diana Fields were unable to conceive, so they turned to Lord Malvern, who worked with many childless couples. With their consent, he made sure Diana got pregnant, and experimented on the fetus (as he had on others). Malvern wanted to create British superheroes. The only stipulation was that, should her parents die, Malvern would gain custody.

Rosemary was unwilling to go, and her grandmother contacted family friend Alfred Pennyworth in the hopes that he would take her to the US. When he was attacked by a creature on the moor, Batman came to investigate. Rosemary didn't want to go with him either.

With Boggart, she set out to free other kids from Malvern's castle. Malvern had gathered the kids in the hopes of protecting them, and hired security guard Grayle to that end. However, Grayle was an American spy, and used the experiment on himself and kidnapped children. However, his id manifested in a more monstrous manner than the children. Batman and Malvern defeated the creature by stunning Grayle. Boggart absorbed part of the essence of the creature, as well as part of Malvern's son William.

With all the misunderstandings cleared up, Rosemary moved in to the castle with the other kids. However, she was less and less able to exert control over Boggart, to the point where Malvern's scientist wanted to shut her down. When Rosemary found out what had happened to Boggart, she regained control, and Malvern made peace with his son.


  • Psionics: Rosemary has to ability to manifest part of her Id in to a boggart. She can see what he sees, and through him, use telekinesis.