Roxanne Sutton was a high profile stuntwoman who would take any risk performing stunts for both male and female roles in major motion pictures. However her lust for adrenaline destroyed her career, as she began taking bigger and bigger risks and making stunts more dangerous than needed to be. With that no insurance company would take on such a liability and ultimately dropped her; without an insurance provider no studio would hire her ending Sutton's Hollywood career.

Finding a new source of both income and danger she turned to crime. She built a rocket and named herself "Roxy Rocket"; a daring thief and fencing her stolen goods to Penguin Her recklessness eventually became her undoing when she was defeated by Batman who saw him as the ultimate equal risk taker and utterly fearless. In a game of high altitude chicken, Batman rescues her only to turn her over to the authorities.



  • Riding Rocket: A long, jet powered craft that could be ridden like a motorcycle- it even had saddlebags. It had autonomous flight at high and low speeds.



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