Quote1 Sure, I'd like to think I turned out okay...That I am the best me I can be. But if I can keep them from messing up as bad as I did? Why the hell not? Quote2
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Early Career

Roy was Oliver Queen's sidekick but due to unknown circumstances Roy was stripped of his position and Oliver took his stocks that were given to him within Q-Core, leaving him to his own devices. At some point, he met Robin only to find out later that evening he had been killed in action by the Joker.

Roy became a depressed alcoholic and death seeker who attempted to commit a variation of suicide by fighting Killer Croc. Croc figures out what Roy's doing and stops him and gives him a pep talk, which Roy thanks him for.[4] Soon after Roy starts beginning recovery with Killer Croc as his sponsor,[5] but this does not keep Roy out of trouble as he ends up later in an exotic middle eastern jail where he must constantly carry a weighed ball.

This all resulted from helping a Middle Eastern nation over throw a dictator, the liberated people in which turned on Roy and threw him in jail. All this had occurred in a failed attempt to contact Jason. Rescued by his benefactor Jason and the alien princess Starfire, Roy regains his bow and quiver as he tries to regain a relationship with his former ally Starfire (who was also a member of the Teen Titans at one point). As Jason talks to himself at a bar, Roy decides that instead of friendship he would pursue Starfire sexually and does so but doesn't let that distract him from noticing Jason's disappearance from their getaway island.[6]

Red Hood and the Outlaws

A few weeks after their meeting, Roy and the Outlaws headed to China for some unfinished business. According to Todd, the All-caste, a mythical training league he fell into after his resurrection, was in trouble and he was intent on stopping it. The trio travel the world, helping Jason find and destroy any of the power hungry Untitled. Eventually, in a bar in a small town, they run into an Untitled posing as a police officer. Jason and Roy battle and kill the creature but gather unwanted attention due to the mythical being taking the human disguise of a known civilian. Escaping, they attempt to meet up with Starfire but find instead that she had been ambushed by an alien slayer calling himself Crux.

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  • Stolen Composite Bow
  • Roy has various tattoos he doesn't remember getting.[14]



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