Speedy was an independent hero who was taken by the Master of Games for a challenge of heroes. He and Robin were the last contestants of that challenge who faced off with each other until Robin defeated him, only to learn that the defeated heroes become part of the Master of Games' crystal medallion which imbues him with the various powers of those he has captured. Robin freed Speedy and Cyborg from the crystal in order to defeat the Master of Games and free all the other heroes in the crystal. Speedy later showed up as a member of the Teen Titans East division in Steel City.

When Cyborg was helping build Titans East's tower, he agreed to stay with they team. However, the tower was attacked by Brother Blood. All of Titans East, including Speedy, were put under mind control. The other Teen Titans ended up freeing them, though, and Cyborg returned to his old team.

Speedy appears as a brainwashed boss in the Cartoon Network website game "Tag Team Titans." Speedy's special move is to shoot fast arrows at the Titans.



  • Humorously referred to as "Robin's twin brother" by Beast Boy due to similarities between the two characters.



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