This character has been mentioned only and never actually shown in a comic book or on-screen. Despite their lack of physical appearances, information about them might still be relevant or interesting or at least worthy of documentation. Anything known about them is to be considered second-hand information.

Roy Raymond was a very popular Hollywood celebrity who appears in television shows, radio programs, and weekly column. During the Red Scare, Raymond was brought before Senator Joseph McCarthy's Congressional Committee on Un-American Activities investigation into supposed communists in the entertainment and superhero worlds. He was blacklisted as a communist sympathizer for refusing to name communist celebrities or his own political position, thus presumably losing his TV and radio shows as well as his newspaper column.

Roy expressed his disappointments to reporter Iris West of losing faith in a country that he once believed fell to blatant paranoia and allow many innocent people's lives to be destroyed. He then suggested that he himself is leaving America for good.