S'kidds'kakoth of the House of S'kidd-oth was genetically engineered by the great Savothian scientist Gorflack to be S'kidd-Flash, the sidekick of the Flash. He was extensively trained and studied many of the Flash's greatest battles.

He finally got to meet his role-model when the legendary speedster, along with Impulse, visited Savoth. He was so overjoyed that he forgot to mention that Gorflack had been taken hostage by the last survivor of an alien invasion force that Jay Garrick had repelled from Savoth decades prior. Despite having initial misgivings about Impulse, S'kidd-Flash was so impressed with the young speedster's actions while rescuing the scientist and so ashamed of his own negligence in not informing the speedsters of the situation that he declared that he was the proper successor to the mantle of the Flash. [1]