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The Sacred Heart Convalescent Home was a hospital in Gotham City.


The Sacred Heart Convalescent Home was a hospital in Gotham City.

Roger Elliot and his wife Marla were taken to that hospital after a car accident and they were treated by Doctor Thomas Wayne. However, Roger died shortly after and Marla survived, but her face was left scarred and she wasn't able to move freely.

Not long after these events, the hospital went out of business and the building was abandoned. Years later, the abandoned hospital was used as a base of operations by Thomas Elliot, a.k.a. Hush.[1]

After Hush attacked Selina Kyle, he took her to the hospital and performed a surgery on her and removed her heart.[2] Hush kept her heart on a cryogenic machine created by Mr. Freeze and lured Batman into a trap in the hospital. Once Batman was paralyzed, Hush prepared an operating table to eliminate him.[3] Baman broke free and Hush left the place in a hurry, leaving Batman to deal with the army of mindless henchmen. After fighting them, Batman contacted Mister Terrific and told him to retrieve Selina's heart from the abandoned hospital while he chased Hush.[4]

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