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Superman Just Imagine 001
Information-silkReal NameSalden
Information-silkCurrent AliasSuperman
Information-silkAliasesClark Kent
Information-silkRelativesLyella (wife, deceased)
Information-silkBase Of OperationsLos Angeles
Information-silkMarital StatusWidowed
Information-silkOccupationLaw Bringer
Information-silkHeight6' 3"
Information-silkWeight240 lbs (109 kg)
Information-silkUniverseJust Imagine, Earth 6
Information-silkCreatorsStan Lee, John Buscema
First Appearance

Quote1 I want to be the mightiest, the best. I want my exploits to be as strong as my love for you. Quote2
-- Salden src

Salden was a Law Bringer on his home planet, notable for refusing genetic enhancements in favor of stopping crime with his pure brawn and ingenuity. His wife Lyella was murdered by escaped convict Gundor Gorrok, a criminal with a grudge Salden had arrested years earlier. Following the killer to Earth on a hijacked space-ship, Salden discovered that he had incredible powers due to the planet's lower gravity. Determining that he needed to take revenge and then return home to honor his wife's memory, he believed that stopping crime and working towards world peace would allow Earth to focus its efforts on a better space program. His talents were discovered by agent Lois Lane, who became his manager and publicist. She gave him the name Superman, and he adopted the alias Clark Kent as a human name. Gorrok was aided in seeking his revenge by Reverend Darrk of the Church of Eternal Empowerment. They threatened world war by kidnapping a Chinese dignitary and framing the United States government, although Superman was able to stop them and avert the crisis thereby gaining public recognition and respect.[1]


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