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in: Dan DiDio/Executive Editor, Sean Chen/Cover Artist, Walden Wong/Cover Artist
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Salvation Run Vol 1 2


Salvation Run Vol 1 2

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""Take this World and Shove It!"": The supervillains are trying to adjust to life on Salvation. A party composed of Metallo, Tar Pit, Meanstreak, Iron Cross, Hellhound, Skorpio, Rag Doll, Manticore and the Body Doubles are out fighting th

Quote1 Tsk, tsk, I sincerely hope it wasn't him. Quote2
-- Lex Luthor upon inspecting Psimon's corpse.

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Synopsis for "Take this Job World and Shove It!"

The supervillains are trying to adjust to life on Salvation. A party composed of Metallo, Tar Pit, Meanstreak, Iron Cross, Hellhound, Skorpio, Rag Doll, Manticore and the Body Doubles are out fighting the mysterious native robot beasts, and Hellhound is mortally wounded by a tail blade slashing across his chest. Although the rest of the party believes they should leave him to die, the Body Doubles insist that they carry him along on Metallo's rocket scooter. On their way back, they run into a hunting party of four "Lion-Lizards," and the Body Doubles throw the delirious Hellhound to them so the rest of the group can escape back to camp, revealing that had been their original intention in bringing him.

Back at camp, Kid Karnevil tells the Joker he's always looked up to him as a role model, and that he plans to honor him by surpassing him, killing him the second he lets his guard down.

Psimon loudly orates to the entire group that he has figured out a way for them to survive as a society, and even build a civilization that will last many generations, requiring that the women be used as baby factories, and that escape from the planet be given up as an option. This is met with loud disdain from many others, especially the women, until Joker unexpectedly walks up and violently bashes his head in with a rock, killing him.

Back on Earth in Belle Reve, the Suicide Squad is deporting "the final group for now," Lex Luthor, Catwoman, Blockbuster III and Chemo. Rick Flag closes the door on the transportation Boom Tube while Suicide Squad members Deadshot and Bane are still inside. At Deadshot's angry protests, he tells him that they're being dismissed from the Suicide Squad, and shipped to Salvation as well. When the furious Deadshot threatens to kill Flag, Flag tells him it's things like that that show Deadshot's too unstable to be allowed to remain on earth. Deadshot swears he will return and kill him, and the whole group is shipped off.

Once on Salvation, Luthor immediately commands the attention of the entire supervillain body, saying he intends to lead them. He makes a speech about Truth, Justice and the American Way, and explains how they have to build their own Boom Tube if they want to get back, where they can murder all of those who sent them to the hell planet. Although at first some villains jeer him, by the end they are all riled up and cheering for his plans.


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