Samuel Platt was an engineer working for E.P.R.A.D., the company behind the Prometheus space station project. Platt discovered that the mission was being sabotaged, and tried warning his superiors, including Dr. Toni Baines. However, Platt was unaware that Baines was working together with Lex Luthor to intentionally bring down the project.

Platt's warnings were rejected as nonsense, blamed on everything from the stress of a divorce to abuse of alcohol and drugs, until the Messenger space capsule exploded on the launch pad, killing its pilot, Captain Laderman. Reporters Lois Lane and Clark Kent confronted Baine with Platt's accusations, which lead to Baines having Platt killed, but intentionally mocking the scene up to make it appear a suicide.

  • Platt was portrayed by Kenneth Tigar.
  • Platt had a young daughter named Anne. Anne suffered from an unnamed disease that cause her to become paralyzed from the waist down.