Samuel Smith is the late grandson of infamous SPB mob boss, Slaughterhouse Smith. Ruddock, Smith's caddy and personal chauffeur, told him about his steadily emerging gifts and about his grandfather's reputation as a serious player in the Chicago criminal underworld. Practically owning all the crime of the east coast of the major state area, until it all came to a crashing end when a rival SPB named Jacob Marlowe and his team of superheros came in and crashed on a major score he and a number of other criminal delegates intended to collect on. Where Mr. Marlow left the once dreaded mafia boss in a coma for the past 70 years. Of course the clinically insane Samuel decided to uses his powers to get even with the recently deceased Jacob, but upon finding that that Marlowe of the Halo Corporation had died long ago he set his sights on his successor Jack Marlowe aka Spartan. However the less then prodigal son never had a clue of who Marlowe's grandchild really was or what he even looked like. So he started off on a nation wide murder spree all across America, tracking down and brutally slaughtering anybody with the the surname of Marlowe as practice for the main event. He quickly garnered the attention of some local Wildcats with his stunts, namely Cole Cash, his then employer Sparten, and a new recruit Ladytron. After eavesdropping on a conversation between Cole and Spartan about the bizarre murder spree sweeping across the country, Samuel got into a tussle and seriously injured Ladytron with his powers just before the cops had arrived, smirking wickedly to himself at the excitement of it all.


Flame vision: like his relative, Smith could project concentrated heat or concussive energy from his eyes. His killing spree across the U.S. helped him hone his abilities showing he could control the intensity of his waves by making them no more linier than a steel pipe to expelling a raging inferno from his eyes.


Skilled Ladies man





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