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"The Vamp Final Act": Over the course of this 4-issue story arc:

Quote1 To sing so sweetly and yet be so evil. Quote2
-- Sandman

Appearing in "The Vamp Final Act"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Vamp
  • Sally Starr
  • Debbie

Other Characters:

  • Barry Smithers
  • Carol Swanson




Synopsis for "The Vamp Final Act"

Over the course of this 4-issue story arc: Circa 1938-May : In one week, three members of Delta Phi ("all of them club members and old fraternity brothers") are murdered by Madeline Giles's gang of lesbian rape-avengers (alumnae from "K-house" @ Vassar) including Sally Starr (manager of Club Congo, under the Excelsior Hotel), which activity eventually involves the Sandman, who defeats the Vamp. Madeline was killed by Lt. Burke at the end.


  • The Vamp uses the Alias of Carmilla Jones in this Issue, that is most likely a reference to Sheridan Le Fanu's Novella "Carmilla" about a lesbian Vampire
  • The Sandman escapes from Lt. Burke for the fifth and sixth times, but doesn't gas him either time.


Madeline Giles was from Norfolk.

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