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in: Dick Giordano/Executive Editor, Dave McKean/Cover Artist, Neil Gaiman/Writer Kelley Jones/Penciler, P. Craig Russell/Inker, Daniel Vozzo/Colourist, Todd Klein/Letterer, Karen Berger/Editor, Death (New Earth)/Quotes, Dream (New Earth)/Appearances, Matthew Cable (New Earth)/Appearances, Death (New Earth)/Appearances, Odin (New Earth)/Appearances, Loki (New Earth)/Appearances, Thor (New Earth)/Appearances, Angels/Appearances, Duma (New Earth)/Appearances, Remiel (New Earth)/Appearances, Demons/Appearances, Azazel (New Earth)/Appearances, Choronzon (New Earth)/Appearances, Anubis (New Earth)/Appearances, Bast (New Earth)/Appearances, Bes (New Earth)/Appearances, Susano-o-no-Mikoto (New Earth)/Appearances, Shivering Jemmy (New Earth)/Appearances, Sigyn (New Earth)/Appearances, Nada (New Earth)/Appearances, Eve (New Earth)/Appearances, Lucifer Morningstar (New Earth)/Appearances, Asgard/Appearances, Dreaming/Appearances, Ghost Castle/Appearances, Heaven/Appearances, Silver City/Appearances, Purgatory/Appearances, Comics, 1991, 1991, March, 1991, January (Publication), Sandman Vol 2, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written

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Sandman Vol 2 24

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"Season of Mists: Chapter 3": Across the spiritual and otherworldly planes, gods and goddesses, angels and demons alike are all suddenly alerted to the recent abdication of Hell by Lucifer, and how the keys were passed on to Dream.

Quote1 Do? How should I know? What do you want to do? Open a skiing resort? Turn it into a theme park? Sell it to the highest bidder? It's your choice. You've got the place. What do you want to do with it? Quote2
-- Death

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Synopsis for "Season of Mists: Chapter 3"

Across the spiritual and otherworldly planes, gods and goddesses, angels and demons alike are all suddenly alerted to the recent abdication of Hell by Lucifer, and how the keys were passed on to Dream.
In Asgard, Odin gathers together both Thor and Loki, and they make for the Dreaming. Elsewhere, the lords of Order and Chaos send emissaries to stake their own claim on the new real estate.
Meanwhile, Dream has just returned from Hell, no closer to finding Nada than he was when he left. Despairing at his situation, he contacts his sister Death. She reminds him that Hell is his to do with as he pleases, regardless of what that might be. However, Death has her own problems, as the havoc unleashed by Lucifer's abdication has caused the dead to return to life.
In the Silver City, the angels Remiel and Duma decide to make a claim on Hell. In Limbo, many of the former Demons of Hell have congregated under the new leadership of Azazel. He gathers together Merkin and Choronzon to accompany him in their bid to have Hell returned to them. If they meet resistance from Dream, they have something he desires: Nada.
In the Dreaming, Matthew the Raven visits Eve to discuss Dream's state of mind. Eve surmises that his decision to move the Ghost Castle to the top of a mountain is because he is expecting unwelcome visitors. Eve assures Matthew that Dream has been in blacker moods than this, and all they can do for now is wait.
Eventually, Dream receives word that his unwelcome visitors have arrived. Before they can enter, they must each introduce themselves. Along with the Angels, Demons, emissaries of Order and Chaos, and the Gods of Asgard have arrived the Egyptian gods, Anubis and Bast and the Japanese god Susano-o-no-Mikoto.
After welcoming his guests, Dream offers them quarters and promises to discuss the future of Hell tomorrow.


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