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"Sound and Fury": The world is in violent turmoil and chaos under the influence of John Dee and the Dreamstone. Dream finds him in a diner and demands to know what he is doing.

Quote1 Watch me! I'll rupture your ramshackle land and piss in the ruins! Come to me, you spineless, spittle-arsed, poxy-pale wanker! Quote2
-- John Dee

Appearing in "Sound and Fury"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

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  • Bobby-Joe McCann
  • Harold Smith
  • Maude Carillion
  • Nan Fowler
  • Barbara Wong
  • Joey Campbell
  • Harvey Dent (Mentioned only)




Synopsis for "Sound and Fury"

The world is in violent turmoil and chaos under the influence of John Dee and the Dreamstone. Dream finds him in a diner and demands to know what he is doing.
Dream is confused the man would use the Dreamstone to hurt and harm others. Frustrated at John Dee's lack of repentance, Dream explains that he created the stone out of his own spirit in order to manipulate the fabric of dreams. The stone was not made for evil. He offers that if Dee reverses the changes he made to the stone that prevent its maker from using it, he will take it back and right all of the wrongs that have been wrought. However, when John Dee realizes who he is speaking to, he determines to kill the Lord of Dreams, and take the Dreaming for himself.
Resigned, Dream dons his Helm, and enters the Dreaming, beckoning his adversary to follow. Dee enters the dream world with the ruby in hand. He makes himself appear as a roman leader, though he is confused by the imagery of the dreamscape. Unchecked, Dee wreaks havoc, causing the dreams of the humans on earth to become nightmares. The chaos shakes the inhabitants of the Dreaming into awareness.
Finally, Dream approaches him, warning that Dee's actions are hurting the dreamers. In response, the madman screams that he will take all of the power of dreams and kill Dream himself. Using the ruby against Dream, he uses more and more of the power until it cracks and is destroyed in a massive explosion.
Surprised, John Dee finds himself in a blank realm of whiteness. He believes that he has killed the Lord of Dreams and gained control of the Dreaming. However, he is further surprised to discover that the whiteness is merely the pallor of the skin of Dream's massive palm, as he holds the madman within it. As it happens, destroying the ruby returned what power was trapped within it to its maker.
Complacently, Dream returns Dee to Arkham Asylum, offering some forgiveness. Before leaving, he gives restful sleep and good dreams to all the world, including those in the asylum.


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