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Santa Prisca is an island in the Caribbean Sea, noted for its political unrest.
Quote1 God didn't give up on this place, you ignorant despot. He never cared about it at all. Quote2


Santa Prisca is an island in the Caribbean Sea, noted for its political unrest.

The high levels of corruption and crime, made of Santa Prisca the pefect haven for all sorts of criminals. It was in this island that the performance enhancer drug known as Venom was perfected after initial developments in Gotham City.[1]

Santa Prisca was also chosen by Benedict Asp as the place to hold Shondra Kinsolving and Jack Drake as hostages,[2] until their hideout was discovered by the Justice League Task Force and Asp was forced to take his hostages out of the island.[3]

Points of Interest

Peña Duro

Main article: Peña Duro

Peña Duro was a prison located on the island of Santa Prisca. This was the birth place of the super-villain known as Bane.

Punto De Tiburon

This was a seaside cliff located a short distance away from the Peña Duro prison facility. When Bane was only six years old, his mother passed away, and he was forced to bear witness as the prison guards callously threw her corpse into shark-infested waters off the cliffs of Punto De Tiburon.

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