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Quote1 Quick! We've got to get out of here. That bird will blow up any second! Quote2
-- Madam Fatal src

The Crimson Vulture was a mechanical genius, and criminal, who extorted money from the rich by sending booby-trapped stuffed vultures to their homes.

Crimson Vulture (Earth-X)

Booby-trapped stuffed vultures with burning eyes Crack Comics #15

Madam Fatal ruined the convict's strange plot of revenge, which involved building even bigger hollowed-out vultures, equipped with burning eyes and explosives. He hoped to terrorize the city by sending his flock out and controlling them by remote control. However, Madam Fatal was able to discover his hideout and leap at the keyboard controls, thus causing one gigantic bird to come to life and zap her foe. She made a narrow escape by running up a hill. The giant bird exploded, leaving no trace of the hideout or the henchmen inside.




Booby-trapped stuffed vultures with burning eyes.



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