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Sarah Essen is an officer in the Gotham City Police Department, and the second wife of James Gordon. Becoming romantically involved with Gordon during his first marriage to
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Quote1 For all you know, the Batman could change on a regular basis-- and you've dealt with five of them. Maybe the only constant has been the costume. Quote2
-- Sarah Essen-Gordon src


Born in Chicago, Sarah Essen endeavored to become a police officer. After achieving the rank of sergeant, she transferred to Gotham City where she became romantically involved with Lt. James Gordon. Sarah knew that James was married with a son on the way, and she soon brought the affair to a close. Unable to work with Jim any longer, she put in a transfer to New York City.

Years later, Sarah returned to Gotham and resumed her romance with the now-divorced Jim Gordon. By this point, Jim had become Commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department and the two were eventually wed. Jim temporarily resigned his position so that he could pursue a career in local politics. To fill the vacuum, Sarah took his place and operated as the city's newest Commissioner Gordon.

During a chain of events that has come to be known as No Man's Land, Sarah found Joker held up in a room full of newborns, holding a gun and an infant in either hand. If Sarah shot him, he would drop the baby and potentially kill it. He then dropped the baby anyway for her to catch, shooting her when she saved the baby. Devastated by her death, Commissioner Gordon apprehended the Joker by shooting him in the leg, taking revenge for both his wife and daughter (it was mentioned that the Joker's injury may prevent him from walking again).

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  • Law: Sarah Essen was a highly trained vice and homicide detective. She was also an expert in every facet of police procedure.


  • Sarah Essen was a former smoker.


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