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Sarasim was a brave warrior queen who was the leader of a village of warriors in the distant past that Cyborg was mysteriously thrown into. With his power supply dwindling, Cyborg had to rely on more primitive battle maneuvers. Quickly proving himself in battle, Cyborg garnered the respect of Sarasim - and also earned disdain from the warrior known as Krall.

Krall had made a dangerous bargain with an evil witch, who sent mystical worm-like beings to invade the village. Krall's quest for power led to his transformation into a similar worm-like creature at the hands of the evil witch. As Cyborg and Sarasim bonded in battle, their relationship began to deepen. Just as the battle with Krall reached its peak, Cyborg was rescued back to the present by Raven.

Concerned about Sarasim's fate, Cyborg was comforted by evidence in one of Raven's books. Raven's book told of Krall's defeat at the hands of Sarasim - and a brave warrior who fought without armor. That warrior... was Cyborg himself.




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