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Satan Girl was a villain who once fought the Legion of Super-Heroes. During a period when Supergirl spent time in the 30th Century, she was exposed to a piece of Red Kryptonite that produced an evil duplicate of her which called herself Satan Girl. She then used her own unique powers to erase the memory of the incident from Supergirl's mind. Satan Girl went on to battle the Legion of Super-Heroes during a time when the female Legionnaires were placed under strict quarantine due to a Crimson plague. Satan Girl took credit for the plague and tried to siphon off Kryptonite radiation from the bodies of the female Legion members in order to preserve her existence. When the effects of the Crimson plague wore off, Satan Girl was re-absorbed back into the body of Supergirl never to return.

  • Nightflame is another character who was also Supergirl's dark side brought to life. Satan Girl and Nightflame could be thought of as the same character, manifesting in different ways.



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