"The Gravel in Your Guts Part 2": We begin with a flashback in 1973. Lincoln Red Crow and five of his friends, including Reggie Standing Rock and Gina Bad Horse are meeting in the hills of Bear

Quote1 In the end you'll find yourself standing over something that don't even seem human no more. And you'll swear that you won't never do this again, so long as you live. And sometimes you might even believe the lie. Quote2
-- Lincoln Red Crow

Appearing in "The Gravel in Your Guts Part 2"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Mr. Brass (Mentioned only)

Other Characters:


  • Bear Butte, South Dakota
  • Oglala Indian Reservation


  • Lakota soul bundle


Synopsis for "The Gravel in Your Guts Part 2"

We begin with a flashback in 1973. Lincoln Red Crow and five of his friends, including Reggie Standing Rock and Gina Bad Horse are meeting in the hills of Bear Butte, South Dakota about a protest they have planned. Red Crow tells the others he has discovered their usual meeting hall has been bugged, most likely by the FBI. Furthermore, Red Crow says he believes someone in their group is an FBI agent or informant. At this point, some hippies wander into the area and Reggie politely asks them to leave. The hippies refuse and Red Crow goes ballistic, starting a fight. The indians win the fight, chasing away the hippies.

Flash forward to the present, where Red Crow is seated in his home, contemplating his responsibility to Gina Bad Horse's soul in the soul bundle resting atop his table. Red Crow recalls his romantic relationship with Bad Horse and the responsibility for her soul weighs even more heavily upon his shoulders. Shunka walks into the room, disrupting Red Crow's thoughts by telling him that there is more trouble with Mr. Brass. Shunka tells Red Crow that Mr. Brass visited the Badlands Motor Lodge the previous night and mutilated Big Tim Two Bones for selling drugs and not giving the organization its cut. Shunka advises Red Crow that this type of thing is going to continue until Red Crow accedes to the Hmong organization's will, or a more bloody solution is rendered. Red Crow tells Shunka to put the word out that there are to be no more extracurricular activities and that Mr. Brass is not to be touched. Red Crow also learns that one of the kids Mr. Brass killed the other day is the granddaughter of an old friend of his, Reggie Standing Rock. Red Crow travels to Standing Rock's home and talks with the girl's grandmother, Phyllis Standing Rock. He tells Phyllis that he will do everything he can to find the girl.

Meanwhile, Dino Poor Bear has started running deliveries for the skinhead we met in the previous issue, Rath. Poor Bear delivers drugs to a clerk at a porn store, taking the payment back to Rath. In back of the porn store, Chief Red Crow meets with a man from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, who tells Red Crow there is an undercover FBI agent in his organization. Red Crow doesn't believe it, claiming that it is untrue and drives away. This news stirs a memory of Red Crow's from 1973, in which he met with Reggie Standing Rock and accused him of ratting out their protest group to the FBI. Standing Rock denied the accusation and Red Crow strangled him to death. It took Standing Rock 11 minutes to die.

That evening, Red Crow, tells Gina's soul bundle that he is trying to change and he says a Lakota chant over the bundle.


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