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Scarecrow's Fear Toxin

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Scarecrow's Fear Toxin

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Through intense research in the science of fear, Jonathan Crane developed a powerful hallucinogenic drug he dubbed "fear toxin". When inhaled, the victim hallucinates their own worst fears becoming a reality. Though the length of the effects have been seen to vary, Batman has developed an antidote to neutralize the toxin almost instantly. Similarly, overcoming the fear in question has also been shown to nullify the symptoms.

Fear Toxin has had variations on its makeup.

  • Fear Toxin/Venom Combination: When Bane employed Scarecrow to combine his Fear Toxin with Bane's Venom, the infected person gained great strength and complete fearlessness.[1] The first versions of the formula has the side effect of the subject would bleed out his eyes and being in great pain after it wore off.[2] This was fixed after many tests on the inmates of Arkham Asylum and when Bane took the formula himself.[3]
  • Super Toxin 451-A is a specific version of the toxin produced by Scarecrow's father, utilizing the sweat of children under the effects of lesser fear toxin to make it more potent, enough that even Scarecrow himself does not have the antibodies.[4] This version of Fear Toxin can take months to overcome its symptoms, and is far harder to synthesize an antidote for.[5]
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  • Fear Projection: Causes all who are exposed to it to experience their greatest fears.


  • Some individuals have been shown to have immunity to the fear toxin. Ironically, Crane is not always one of them.
  • Over the years, Crane has created gas based on specific fears, such as arachnophobia, taphophobia (the fear of being buried alive), the fear of being eaten by cockroaches, etc.[6]

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